My Mountain Vacation

One of my favorite aspects of attending DU is how close I am to the mountains. I spent winter break skiing with my family and some friends at various resorts. We stayed in Frisco, a small ski town with great lodging, for a week.

On the days we visited Copper Mountain, the free Frisco shuttle deposited us at the base of Copper village. We also visited Breckenridge and Winter Park. All three sites were pleasant and had decent terrain.

Confession: I do not technically “ski.” I snow blade. Snow blades are shorter skis that are easier to maneuver and do not require poles. The reduced surface area of the snow blades means that they are more difficult to use on ice.

All of the major resorts were incredibly icy last year, greatly reducing the amount of fun I had. This year, I was happy to find that I could blade without fear of falling! With a little more snow (and slightly warmer weather!), I’m sure the mountains will be excellent this spring, too.

Like me, many students at the University of Denver make trips up to the mountains multiple times per season with friends. I recommend buying your mountain pass early and attending snow gear sales like Sport Authority’s “SNIAGRAB” to maximize your winter recreation budget. If you have an interest in skiing, snowboarding, or snow blading, DU may be the place for you.