Track / Certificate / Program Information Sessions 2011 part 2 (VIDEO)

The following track / certificate / program information sessions are intended for students as they plan their concentration for the academic year 2011-2012.  Requirements and specific offerings change from year to year, so always check your student handbook for accurate information.
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Social Work Interventions with Latinos/as

Although I chose not to participate in the SW Latino/as Certificate that is offered here at GSSW, I ended up registering for a class that was offered as part of the certificate during the spring quarter of my foundation year. The class I took was called SW Interventions with Latinos/as. I found this class to be extremely helpful and relative to the work I was doing at my internship, along with my future professional goals.

Here is the brief course description that is available on our website as well: addresses immigration issues, as well as intervention and theoretical approaches for Latinos/as. Covers the selection of interventions and strategies for cross-cultural use in adequately addressing the needs of Latinos/as. A required course for the Social Work with Latinos/as Certificate. This course is conducted in Spanish.

What I found most useful about this class was that it was taught in Spanish. Even though I didn’t participate in the certificate program, I was still able to find a way to incorporate the Spanish language in to my classroom experience (since I was utilizing it a lot in my field practicum).