GSSW closed in celebration of the Holidays

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

The Graduate School of Social Work & the University of Denver will be closed from Tuesday, December 25, 2012 – Tuesday, January 1, 2013 in celebration of the Holiday Season!

Thank you to everyone for your continual support of GSSW. Our school could not be the amazing community it is without everyone’s support, and contributions.

See everyone in 2013!

GSSW Faculty, Staff, Students, and Supporters


Application not in yet? Get it in today!

It may be Christmas Eve, but the admission team will be hard at work today getting our offices ready for a visit from Santa, and making sure we deliver your recommenders their recommendation requests. Don’t worry though we don’t ask Santa who has been naughty or nice. We just like to leave him cookies  and milk, and a place to put his feet up during his busy night.

If you haven’t submitted your application yet do so today preferably by early afternoon (mountain standard time)! Our office will be closed from December 25 until January 1, and we don’t want your recommenders to wait a whole week to get our email! Remember you can submit your application and submit certain required documents at a later date by re-entering your application and uploading at a later date.

If you have any questions today or just want to wish our office a HAPPY HOLIDAYS give us a call at (303)-871-2841 or email us at

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year to all! We look forward to receiving and reading all your applications soon!

GSSW Admission team

P.S. Some decision letters have been sent out. If you applied and have been waiting at your mailbox check it today! You might have a letter waiting for you. If you don’t have anything yet we will continue sending out decisions when we are back in January!

GSSW Alumni to be on ABC’s the Shark Tank




DU Alumnus Takes A Dip In ABC’s Shark Tank

 Megan Gage (formerly Boyle), a 2006 graduate of DU’s Graduate School of Social Work, will appear on ABC’s Shark Tank on January 4, 2013.  The popular business-themed reality TV show provides an opportunity for hopeful entrepreneurs to pitch their concept to very successful business men and women known as “sharks” in hopes of obtaining a powerful partner.

 Gage, founder of Hot Tot, will pitch her specialized children’s hair product line.  Founded in 2010, Hot Tot produces professional hair products for babies and children without the use of harsh or harmful chemicals.  Her eight-piece line offers specialized options designed to cleanse, condition and style immature (children’s) hair.


“Hot Tot was born shortly after my son,” Gage explains.  “I started mixing lotion and pomade in my little guy’s hair when he was an infant to give him a charming curl.  I was surprised by the number of people who would inquire about what product I was using to achieve his stylish look and became really passionate about health and safety issues after learning that many trusted children’s brands commonly use a long list of toxins in their products.  I combined natural ingredients with posh packaging and our Cabbage Patch-inspired scent to create something that was unlike anything else on the market.  While my brand has grown consistently in the eighteen months since our first product’s launch, I would love to partner with someone who has overcome the struggles of growing a small business into an international brand.”


Gage’s social work roots are evident upon first glance.  “I wanted my company to encompass various elements of inner and outer beauty.  I define a Hot Tot as a confident and stylish youngster who gives to their neighbor and cares for our planet and am committed to donating a portion of our proceeds to charities that benefit children.  It is important that my company’s impact reaches farther than those who are fortunate enough to use my products.  Even though I’m doing something outside of my studies, this element of feels very familiar.”

 Tune into Shark Tank on January 4, 2013 at 8pm on Denver’s Channel 7 to see if the sharks will bite!

 See picture below for some of her unique products! Wish her luck!!



DU: A School for the People

Hey there!

My name is Katie Connor and I am a second year here at GSSW.  I am a part of the Clinical: Adults Track and Interpersonal Trauma Certificate and my internship this year is at a hospice agency located in Denver.

I have truly loved my experience at DU. When I started my fall quarter as a first year, I was really nervous and didn’t know what to expect.  I had taken a few years off after completing my BA and wasn’t sure how easy it would be to get back into the academic grind.  Although my first quarter was a little intense (as I was used to the semester system and MLA writing format), by the end of the ten weeks, I felt that I had built a solid foundation of knowledge with which I could expand upon in future classes.

While I am very happy with the quality of the education at GSSW, I am most thankful for the relationships I have developed with the professors and students.  This line of work will bring up issues for everyone, which is why it is so important to take care of yourself and develop a good support system.  I know that at the end of a tough day, I can reach out to a number of people in the DU network, and they will be there to support me. 

The quality of the people here are unmatched, in my humble opinion, and I am glad to know many of them. 🙂


Getting Around

I moved to Denver from a small town in Missouri.  Knowing that I would have to commute to campus through rush hour traffic scared me.  When I discovered that I could ride public transportation for free, I was very excited!

RTD, the public transportation system, has such a large service area that it makes it easy to use RTD for both work and pleasure.  Additionally, RTD buses and the light rail are much cleaner and more comfortable than I expected.  My bus driver greats me with a “good morning” when I enter the bus, and “have a good day” when I exit, creating an even more inviting and comfortable experience.

As part of a student fee, DU provides its students with passes for free public transportation.  Right away I acquired my pass and have been using it frequently ever since.  The public transportation pass not only allows me free rides along my daily route to DU but also provided me with a free ride to the airport when I was going home for a visit.

My RTD pass has already saved me tons of money, on daily fees such as parking and gas.  Alone I saved $26 round trip transportation to the airport, not even taking into account the fees I would have had to pay to park for a week.  It has also saved me time and stress.  I am able to do my homework on the bus/light rail instead of worrying about traffic on the road.  I have also been able to use my RTD pass when going out with friends.  After a few drinks with friends I was able to let the bus drive me safely home.

While in the past RTD has provided sticker passes that attach to students’ ids, new passes are in the works.  These passes will be available to students in January.  These new passes won’t have to be frequently replaced, as the stickers did, and can instead be electronically activated and deactivated for each quarter that students are enrolled.

For more information about money saving/eco-friendly transportation you can go to  At this website you can find information on RTD passes and other programs DU offers (such as renting bikes and carpooling).


My Admission Experience



My name is Emily and I am a part of the 2012 gssw cohort here at DU.  Today I am going to give you an overall summary about my admission experience here at DU.


When I first started to think about what school’s I wanted to apply for I visited If you have never visited this website before I would highly recommend it because you can refine your search to particular attributes you want for you future school to obtain. For example, I wanted an out of state school, a school that was accredited, and a school that is well known well-known.  Thus, DU popped up.


I then visited the gssw webpage ( reviewing the program and other questions I personally wanted answered; soon after I requested information.


Once I had decided what schools I wanted to apply for I made a poster chart that included each school, their deadline, their application fee, the amount of recommendations needed, etc… This chart really did help me throughout the application process. I would work in order of deadline, and focus on one school at a time.


With DU’s gssw application being online I had a much easier time turning in all my documents.  The only time I contacted DU was after I had finished and turned in my application. I emailed Nick so he could reassure me that my application was finished. Once he did I simply waited… which yes I know is the difficult part.


Around early march I had received my acceptance letter :). Then it was decision time. So I decided to take a trip to each grad program/school I was accepted to. Though this does take money and time for me it was really worth it.

Overall, my admissions experience at DU was pretty simple and stress free. Visiting the campus and faculty was really my deciding factor. I wish you all the best of luck in your applications and also for a happy holiday season.


The Butterfly Pavilion

One unseasonably warm November day, my fiancé and I visited the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colorado. Located approximately 25 minutes from the University of Denver, this local tourist treasure is home to a variety of marine animals, insects, arachnids, and butterflies. For $8.50 each, we got tickets to an impressive and interactive show.

We started our tour at the insect and arachnid display. The exhibit included different types of spiders, beetles, and bees. Brave visitors had the opportunity to let a live tarantula named Rosie crawl on their hands. I am happy to report that I am the proud owner of an “I held Rosie” sticker.

Next, we visited the marine life display. In addition to a few large fish tanks, the exhibit also included open containers that allowed visitors (supervised by employees) to run their fingers along the backs of live horseshoe crabs and starfish.

After working our way through the introductory exhibits, we were ready to see some butterflies. When we entered the butterfly house, it was full of life as hundreds of multicolored winged insects buzzed overhead. The inside of the butterfly house was extremely humid to accommodate the insects’ temperature needs, but the heat was well worth the gorgeous photos opportunities!  My camera is now home to a butterfly rainbow.

At the end of our visit, one of the employees released thirty new butterflies into the larger enclosure.  One of the butterflies even landed on my dress! It was the perfect finale to a great adventure.

I highly recommend the Butterfly Pavilion to fellow GSSW students and anyone visiting the Denver area. For more information, please visit

Thanks to Brad Miller, Director of Admission with the Korbel School of International Studies here at the University of Denver for this posting.

GSSW Admission Office echos Brad’s words. This is also food for thought in your professional journey as well! You don’t think email address is important, it is!