Meditation Practice

As a first year student, I’ve decided to take a second year elective in addition to my first year coursework.  I selected the Mind Body Connections in Social Work Practice.  I’ll be honest, I selected it in part because it didn’t appear to be THAT much extra work. Well, I was wrong!  It is work in a whole different way than other classes.

One of the quarter long assignments is to begin a new practice.  For example, I’ve chosen to meditate 3-5 times per week.  It sounds easy but in reality has been the hardest assignment I’ve had at GSSW.  Not only does it require that I prioritize time in silence for my own benefit but it requires me to turn off the intellectual side of my brain and listen to my body.  In that same theme, it’s also been the best assignment I’ve ever had since being at GSSW.  I’m a proponent of self care but never thought it would be this hard.  Sure, it’s challenging to exercise or take a night off to enjoy a concert or movie but I find it harder to find 20 minutes every day to turn off my thinking brain and focus on nothing but my breath.

I’m not perfect at it and I’m quick to convince myself that I’ll do it tomorrow but I know it’s been one of the most useful things I’m challenging myself to do every day.


One thought on “Meditation Practice

  1. Hi Maria, Love your post; meditation is essential in my opinion to really develop a relationship with self, inner self and divine intelligence. Good for you for sticking with this practice. I began TM meditation in 1988; I credit this resource as saving myself from the clutches of the almighty intellect…as far as the massive amount of avoidance that is so much a part of the beginner’s journey, I agree, that is the most challenging part of meditation; so much within us is afraid of losing it’s ‘home’ so to speak. If I may be so bold, this practice will develop the ability to choose the ‘vibrational’ quality of your day to day functioning.

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